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Sleek Eye & Cheek Palettes - All Day Soiree & Midsummer's Dream

For years now since I can remember I have been using sleek products. Their blush was one of the first make-up products I ever bought. The brand caters for all skin tones at affordable prices giving you great coverage and high pigmentation. I was extremely happy to receive these two palettes through a competition I won at work. In this post I will be reviewing one palette 'All Day Soiree' and showing you a simple make-up look I created using the palette. 

This eye and cheek palette provide all of your colour essentials in one convenient compact. It contains four eye-shadows and two blushers. 

All Day Soiree is made to refresh any beauty look, It's shimmering peach and beige hues create a delicate feminine finish. The on trend blush shades of creamy champagne and pastel pink provide a healthy flush to cheeks. Both the eye-shadows and blushers are highly pigmented, long lasting and easy to blend. The packaging is in a sleek handy travel sized compact with a mirror and two essential brushes.

All Day Soiree Make-up Look

In this picture I started off priming my eyelids with Urban decays primer potion. I would suggest using a eye primer especially if you are dark skin as it makes the shadow colour pop more. I then used the darkest orange colour from the palette (Top Right) on the inner part of my lids, Then the shimmery orange shade to the left of that to my outer lid. I then used the matte brown colour on my crease (Bottom Left) making sure to blend it all in well. The shade to the right of that I used to highlight under my brow bone. I then used the shimmery gold blush colour (Top) to highlight the top of my cheek bones. The pink blush colour I used on the apples of my cheeks.

If you have any other questions about this post or anything about the look i created please comment below. 

Maria xoxo
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Zoella Beauty 'Tutti Fruity' Range

After hearing a lot of hype about Zoella's new range coming out. I was excited to try them out and show some support as it is a huge achievement. She started blogging things that she loves just like me and now has her own beauty range and book deals. Slightly jel but i honestly do admire her hard work. Every bloggers dream I'm sure!

There are seven products in the new range. They are incredibly affordable with the most expensive product costing £8.00 whilst the lowest is only £3.00! The whole range is available at most major Superdrug stores. The whole range is made to make you feel refreshed and revitalised.

I decided to pick a few items from the range to give my readers my honest thoughts...

Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion - £5.00

This candy cream is packed with bursting beads and extracts of Acai and Blueberry to pamper and protect your skin. 

The first thing that mainly made me pick it off the shelf was the packaging. Its cute and very summery, I love the colours and decoration. I'm a huge fan of body creams and keeping my skin soft and moisturised so it was a must try for me. The smell is lovely and sweet not too over powering. The actual cream itself is really soft and soaks in quickly so you don't feel sticky after applied. Although I have quite dry skin if i applied the cream in the morning and I wore shorts or a skirt, I would have to opt for a different cream with more moisture or have to keep reapplying this cream to avoid dryness. But I'm sure if  you don't suffer with dry skin then you should be fine. 

 This cleansing shower gel is said to help soften and soothe the skin again it contains extracts of Acai and Blueberry, leaving you feeling refreshed ad energised.

Again packaging is very cute and eye catching. The gel is a pretty pearly pink colour. The shower gel is nice on my skin its a bit sweet but was expecting it to be a stronger more fruitier scent and for me the foam as described was none existent although the shower gel on a whole did clean my skin and left me feeling refreshed. At it's price you simply get what you pay for. 

This little adorable treat is said to transform your bath into a fragrant, fruity soak to leave your skin feeling refreshed and re-energised. 

I'm a huge fan of Lush bath bombs so couldn't resist picking this item up to try it out. Once opened it looks like a bar of chocolate accept its white. As it hits the water it dissolves quickly and doesnt give much of a colour change and also doesn't add any bubbles. It does have a sweet scent at first but it doesn't last very long.

Overall the Zoella beauty range is great for the age group it is aimed for. I'm sure it will make a great gift to any teenage girl or younger. My favourite item out of the three product i bought was the cream. My worst will be the bath bomb as it doesn't do much for me! 

Let me know what you think... have you tried any products in this range? 

Maria xoxo

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